Erasmus flat Warsaw

Erasmus flat Warsaw

Earning a diploma in the literal centre of Europe is the dream of many students from around the world. Did you get lucky, qualified for the student exchange programme, and get to spend a term, maybe a year or two in Poland? Congratulations! Now’s the time for an apartment hunt! Looking for student-friendly places can get a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know the language or have someone you trust onsite. You can spend long hours, if not days, trying to find decent accommodation. If you want to be safe and find a great place at a cheap price, then contact us. We will arrange for you an Erasmus flat in Warsaw. Learn more about Little Home and get in touch to find the right student accommodation suited to your needs!

Accommodation for students – Erasmus flats in Warsaw

Have you been trying to find accommodation in the capital of Poland? If yes, then you probably know that there are plenty of sketchy offers from suspicious people. Don’t worry. In Little Home we’ve selected for you the best Erasmus flats in Warsaw, so you don’t have to waste time searching the web. Every landlord and the apartment are thoroughly checked in order to guarantee you a safe and enjoyable experience throughout your stay. We offer competitive prices and the most attractive locations, as well as professional and comprehensive assistance in completing all the necessary paperwork.

Flats for Erasmus students in Warsaw

Thinking about going on a student exchange? Warsaw offers a homely atmosphere and a great study environment with a low cost of living. You can opt for our comfortable and budget-friendly accommodation in Erasmus flats which you’ll be sharing with other foreign students! You don’t have to worry about not knowing the language. Our consultants are fluent in English and Polish and will be more than happy to help you. Additionally, the tenancy agreement (lease) is compliant with Polish law and is drafted in both, English and Polish – you will be able to read it thoroughly and understand it fully.

Student housing in Poland – Erasmus flats

There are a few packages for you to choose from. From just getting a place in an Erasmus flat, to assisting you in handling all formalities – you can count on our help with getting by in a foreign country! Besides accommodation, you also get an airport transfer and receive our help in obtaining a PESEL number, TCR documents preparation, getting a SIM card for your phone, opening a bank account or getting a transit pass to commute. Choose a quick, convenient, and low-cost option and get your own place in an Erasmus flat in Warsaw.

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