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Are you planning to stay in Poland for longer?

Are you going to move here for professional or study reasons?

Are you worried about finding the right flat and complying with all the formalities?

You no longer have to, as you came to the perfect place! Little Home will take care of all that for you!


Little Home offers comprehensive services related to finding and renting a flat or a room on the territory of Poland. It ensures that the tenancy agreement complies with Polish law, provides consultations in English and renders practical support to students during their stay in Poland.

Little Home offers comprehensive services related to finding and renting a flat or a room on the territory of Poland. It ensures that the tenancy agreement complies with Polish law, provides consultations in English and renders practical support to students during their stay in Poland.

Key benefits of Little Home services:

What is the process of arranging accommodation?

1. Videocall online consultation

We invite you to contact us to learn about your preferences and requirements so that we can prepare for you the most suitable accommodation offer according to your preferences.

2. Searching for suitable accommodation

At this stage, we begin the search for suitable accommodation for you, taking into account your budget, location and arrival date. We gather suggestions and information from the hosts we work with, and then present you with your options.

3. Completing all the formalities

Once you have chosen one of the options proposed by us, we take care of preparing all the documents to enable you to officially start renting.

4. Assistance during stay in Poland

We provide assistance during your stay, answer your questions and support you in acclimatising to your new surroundings.

5. Search for a place based on analysis

Our employees conduct thorough market analyzes and use whatever is available media and resources to find the best possible accommodation for you.

6. Consultant care in English

Our consultants are fluent in English and Polish, so you can count for the highest quality of services! They will get you along with property owners, officials and not only.

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Our offer

Accomodation package

  • Searching Offer
  • Landlords contact
  • Online meetings (presentations)
  • Flat Verification
  • Bilingual documents
  • Checkin set

VIP package

  • Accomodation package +
  • PESEL, TRC Documents preparation
  • Sim card, bank account, travel card
  • Airport transfer
  • Concierge care during stay

Group Package

Looking for a place to live with friends?
Individual price
  • VIP package +
  • Special price - adjusting to your group
  • Accomodation in the same place with friends

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About us

Little Home is a company that deals with the organization of accommodation for foreigners in Poland, as well as their adaptation on the territory of the country. We are a group of specialists in property management and facilitate mutually fruitful relations between tenants and owners of flats, houses and lodgings. 

With us, you can be sure of the highest quality of service, time-saving and practical support in completing all formalities necessary for legal residence and tenancy in Poland.

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Little Home offers a comprehensive set of services including both pre- and post-arrival assistance in Poland. Within the framework of Little Home services we provide telephone consultations, search for a flat, verification of the landlord’s reliability, preparation of a tenancy agreement in both languages (Polish and English), as well as support in adaptation to the new place of residence. Adaptation services include such tasks as airport transfer, assistance in obtaining Polish SIM card or ZTM transport card.

The cost of Little Home services depends on the nature and comprehensiveness of the care provided. We offer two basic packages to choose from.

Standard accommodation package, which includes searching for accommodation and completing all formalities related to renting.

The second option is the VIP package. It comprises all the formalities related to searching for and renting accommodation and is enriched with additional services, such as airport transfer and necessary adaptation activities.

No, Little Home provides services all over Poland. We are able to find and take care of formalities concerning flats throughout Poland depending on your preferences.

Unfortunately, most of our flats are targeted at students and according to the rules set by the owners, most often, pets are not accepted.

The accommodation varies in terms of standards and furnishings, however, you are guaranteed to have access to basic necessities, a fully equipped kitchen with crockery, pots and pans and other basic amenities, such as a mattress, and a wardrobe.

Yes, the deposit will be refunded in an amount which depends on the damage and the general condition of the accommodation on the day the person moves out.

Yes, utilities are included in the price of the flat rental directly.

Yes, you can contact our administration throughout the duration of your stay. They will provide you with assistance in obtaining documents entitling you to insurance, help with questions regarding obtaining a PESEL number, registration and residence card, etc. Our consultants will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about life in Poland.

We offer comprehensive advisory services on real estate and Polish law. We assist at every stage of renting and searching for accommodation in Poland, as well as provide advice and assistance during your stay.

We verify the reliability of landlords, examine the standards of given living space, advise and help to understand the legal aspects of tenancy agreements. Moreover, during our free online consultations in English, you can equip yourself with all the information you need before coming to Poland, share your preferences about accommodation and benefit from the knowledge of our qualified consultants.

After the consultation and expressing your willingness to cooperate with us, as well as specifying your preferences for a flat or a room to rent, we start the process of searching for accommodation for the duration of your stay in Poland.

The comfort and satisfaction of our clients are our main priorities, therefore, we pride ourselves on our individual approach to each person and pay the utmost attention towards meeting their expectations regarding their future accommodation. Furthermore, for the convenience of our clients, we also include a range of additional services, such as airport transfers, assistance in opening a bank account, support in registering SIM cards or obtaining access to a public transport card.

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