Accommodation in Warsaw for students

Accommodation in Warsaw for students

Are you looking for a place for short, mid, or maybe long-term rental in the capital of Poland? Contact us and let us do the trick for you! We offer affordable accommodation in Warsaw for students from all over the world. Now you can safely book your room entirely online. Once you get accepted to study at a local university or another institution, seek the help of our consultants! We are fluent in both English and Polish and will support you every step of the way! We will do everything in our power to help you find and secure the perfect place tailored to your needs! Find out more and contact us to sign up for your first consultation.

Accommodation for students – Warsaw

Little Home helps people find their ideal housing in the capital of Poland. When it comes to picking the right type of accommodation for students in Warsaw, it all comes down to you. Your needs and preferences are paramount. After video-calling with you and getting to know you better, we start the apartment hunt. You will be presented with the best options available within your budget. After picking the best room, we’ll start preparing the necessary documentation. You don’t have to worry, the tenancy agreement (lease) will be compiled in both languages, English and Polish. Then you’ll officially start renting!

Accommodation in Warsaw for students

Finding good and affordable accommodation for students can get tricky, especially in big cities like Warsaw. Little Home has got you covered! We will do the search for you. All you have to do is share your preferences and requirements, the estimated duration of your stay or even your preferred districts. Even though every student accommodation differs in terms of standards and furnishings, you will have access to basic necessities. Additionally, your chosen accommodation in Warsaw will be fully equipped. You won’t have to worry about buying a mattress or getting crockery, pots and pans for your limited stay in Poland. You will have your own bed with a mattress and a wardrobe. We offer fully-furnished places with a bathroom and a kitchen (crockery, pots, pans etc included). Finally, all utilities are included in the price – you won’t have to pay any extra bills.

Student accommodation in Warsaw

It’s no surprise that Warsaw is one of the top European destinations for young people who want to study abroad! It’s a city that places much value on education. Because of a large number of young people coming from virtually every place in the world, the city of Warsaw has so much to offer for people just like you! Plenty of academic resources, vibrant student life, and countless clubs and societies where you can meet people from around the world – what more can you ask for? Our housing offers are conveniently located in popular areas for young people. Additionally, in comparison to other big cities in Europe, the cost of living is rather low. We can help you find student accommodation for either a semester or a full academic year, depending on the exact duration of your stay.

Save time and let us do the work – finding student housing

If living in the heart of the city or near your university is on your list of must-haves for student accommodation in Warsaw, then Little Home is worth a look. We will find you the right place, at a competitive price, and in an attractive location. Above all, you won’t have to spend long hours browsing offers and ads online. We offer plenty of housing opportunities. We carry out accommodation searches based on market knowledge and analysis. Our team carefully examines every place, making sure that they are up to your standards. Are you looking for a place to live with your friends? That’s fantastic! Let us know and we’ll arrange something special, especially for you and your mates!

Rent student housing in Warsaw with Little Home

As you can see, the capital of Poland is a popular destination for people to study in. There’s a lot of options for accommodation for students in Warsaw, but if you want to be secure and safe, then instead of looking for a place on your own you should use our services. We carefully check every apartment and verify the landlord’s reliability. Then we prepare the tenancy agreement which is written in both languages, English and Polish. You can be sure that you’ll be able to understand it fully without a translator’s help, and in case of any questions, we’re always here to help you!

Little Home – assistance after moving in

Apart from finding your dream student accommodation and comprehensive assistance in completing all formalities, we also offer adaptation services. We know that moving abroad can be difficult, therefore we decided to offer our students help with adapting to a new place of residence in a foreign country. We offer support in getting:

  • PESEL number (Polish ID)
  • SIM card for your smartphone
  • ZTM transport card
  • Bank account

Little Home can also arrange for you an airport transfer and provides concierge care during your stay. Pick our accommodation for students services!

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