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Let your apartment work for you

Commitment and experience

We are eager to undertake new challenges, to achieve our goals by putting all our experience and passion into it. Since 2015, we have been dealing in comprehensive management of apartments in Gdańsk, Sopot and Warsaw. We know how to make your home make a profit for you.

Peace of mind We take over all the obligations related to rental
Maximum profit Our goal is to maximize your profits
Security You profit from a proven rental model

Why is it worth it?

More than rental
and home staging
Supervision over repairs
and cleaning services
Optimal profits
Flexible pricing policy
Professional advice
in the field of investment and rental
Marketing support: sales on the Internet and on the website
Experience in the field of sales optimization
Transparentna obsługa
Online settlements
Remote access to the reservation calendar

Step by step

Wondering how does it look in practice? We know time is money, so we have simplified the entire procedure to four key stages. All you have to do is make a decision, we'll take care of the rest.

Contract signing
Preparation of the flat
Rental launch
Guest services

Owners' reviews

The best decision

Starting cooperation with Little Home was one of my best decisions. Transfer of the apartment for rent took place without any problems. The very adaptation of the flat according to the terms and conditions went very smoothly, with only a small financial outlay. I am very pleased with the funds obtained by Little Home. This is the kind of cooperation I was hoping for.


Comprehensive services

When I decided to offer my apartment for rent I was looking for a company that would comprehensively and quickly bring my flat to the market. I could not find any better. Contact with the service desk is trouble-free, and the staff is very professional. Little Home is taking good care of the apartment, bringing monthly profits. I heartily recommend.

Excellent service

Cooperation with Little Home is a pleasure. I was very anxious to find a company the contact with which would be easy and of a high quality. I received exactly such a service. Thanks to clear settlement rules, the decision to start cooperation was even faster. Little Home employees helped me prepare the flat for rent, and it started making money very quickly.

Professionals in the industry

The apartment I entrusted to Little Home is very well maintained and the guests who live in it are always satisfied. I am very pleased that I found professionals in their industry. I recommend them to everyone who cares about clear rules and stable income.

Comprehensive management

I chose Little Home because they have many years of experience on the rental market and can demonstrate many successes. The company was able to guarantee the return on investment and they took over the responsibility for the rental.


3 cities We manage apartments in Sopot, Gdansk and Warsaw
180 apartments In the current portfolio, serviced all year round
5 years of experience In real estate management, sales optimization and investment services
8.9 Average review rating of our apartments issued by our guests
45 people In a young, energetic, experienced team fulfilling their professional passions
21 channels Multi-channel promotion and sales strategy

Are you an investor?

Take advantage of our advice

We have been active in apartment rental for 5 years. We have gained experience and knowledge about real estate investments. We are happy to suggest where to invest to enjoy the highest profits.

We work with the largest

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